Wire & Spark Erosion

Wire Erosion (WEDM) and Spark Erosion (EDM) capability to supply complex precise shapes from difficult to machine materials.
Wire Erosion (WEDM): Cost effective manufacture of complex shaped parts from hard to machine and soft materials.Spark Erosion (EDM): Complements the WEDM machine with the ability to produce complex pockets.
Our WEDM & EDM machines offer a cost-effective solution for parts which are difficult to machine using conventional processes and are able to cut hard materials to tight tolerances.

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At Jamestan Engineering we have one Agie-Charmilles Cut 20P machine. This machine provides a capacity to supply precise tooling from difficult to machine materials such as Tungsten Carbide and pre-hardened tool steels.

We also offer the follwoing engineering services:

We have a wide variety of processes available to ensure components are manufactured using the most economic methods.