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Mechanical Engineering Machinery

Citizen M32 V

The Citizen M32 is well-known for its leading ability to perform 3-cut processing in compact floor space simultaneously.
The all-round combination of M32’s flexible tools, excellent tool capabilities and outstanding ease of use makes M32 a success story. The next-generation M32 increases the simultaneous machining capacity of 3 tools through the new Y3 axis on the rear tool post. The Y3 axis can carry up to 9 devices.

Hardinge Quest Turn

Hardinge®Quest® series turning center machines are designed for fast conversion, which can significantly reduce setup and cycle time.
Some enhancements of the next-generation machine include: indexing time reduced by 4 times, X-axis travel increased by 172%, X-axis movement speed increased by 18%, Z-axis movement speed increased by 57%, FANUC servo turret indexing Motor and floor space are reduced by 30%.

Hurco VM20

Exceptionally large travels for complex machining applications.
  1. Small footprint, large work cube
  2. Solid cast iron frame
  3. Heavy-duty linear rails in all three axes
  4. Electric, side-mounted exchange arm ATC
  5. Next-generation Yaskawa drives
  6. Integral motorized spindle

Hurco VM30

Large-work envelope for high-performance machining
Patented UltiMotion technology option available, invented by HURCO. Simultaneously reduce cycle time by up to 30 % (or more) and improve surface finish quality with UltiMotion. Exclusive technology is only available on HURCO mills.

Hurco VM10Ui

5 Axis Trunnion machine capable of spindle speeds up 12,000 rpm.

X, Y, Z Axis travel 533 x 406 x 483 mm.

Table capacity 198mm diameter. 

24 position tool changer.

Mazak Quick Turn 200 MSY

High Performance for demanding workpiece applications.
  1. Specifications designed to meet your production requirements – Milling function, second spindle and Y-axis
  2. The second spindle utilizes a high-efficiency integral spindle/motor
  3. Standard 5000 min⁻¹ and optional high speed 10000 min⁻¹ meet the requirements of a wide variety of materials
  4. Advanced features of the Mazak SmoothG CNC

Miyano ABX-64 SYY

Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe
Both 2 turrets with the Y-axis function means flexible tooling without any concern for processing balance restrictions.


Optimised geometry for better machining access in operations with large swivel ranges
  1. Very efficient due to high stiffness and optimum layout of the mass inertia
  2. Two-sided support of the C-axis for increased stability and precision
  3. High-resolution optical encoders in all axes
  4. Powerful wear-free direct drives in all axes

XYZ Protrak Centre Lathes

The latest generation of ProtoTRAK RLX control provides maximum operator productivity particularly on one-off components or small batches.
Unlike most other Lathes that are cast or fabricated in two or three pieces and then bolted together, the Proturn RLX is a one piece solid ribbed casting that provides weight and rigidity ensuring unrivalled precision. The extra wide ‘Vee and flat’ bed way provides a large bearing surface that makes other Lathes seem flimsy by comparison.


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