Surface, Cylindrical & Jig Grinding

Surface grinding, Internal and External cylindrical grinding, and jig grinding.
Surface grinding: Two CNC and two manual machines enable a wide variety of production and tooling projects to be undertaken.Cylindrical grinding: CNC External Cylindrical grinding machine for volume parts with the facility for complex forms to be dressed into the wheel and flagging of shoulder positions. Manual Cylindrical grinding machine enabling external and or internal features to be ground.
Jig Grinding: Manual Jig grinder for machining accurate hole sizes and positions. Our grinding facilities can accommodate the manufacture of single parts and multiple parts using our manual and CNC machines.

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1 Jones & Shipman Format 5 CNC Surface Grinder together with 2 Jones & Shipman 540L machines enable a wide variety of Tooling and Production Grinding to be undertaken.

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We also offer the follwoing engineering services:

We have a wide variety of processes available to ensure components are manufactured using the most economic methods.