Environmental Policy

Within Jamestan Engineering we have a responsible attitude towards maintaining high environmental standards in everyday operations, ensuring we work to operate in a sustainable manner.

We are committed to reducing the impact that engineering has on the environment, by continually assessing operations and our business strategy to find ways in which we can improve our environmental performance. Through improvement in our working environment, and investing in more modern, efficient machinery we feel that we are delivering on our duty of care to future generations.

  • What we do to keep our promise

    • Work to reduce our waste through recycling and reusing as much as possible. 

    • Assess the environmental impact of any procedures we introduce. 

    • Work to purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment. 

    • Ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors understand our commitment to reducing the effect we have on the environment.

    • Minimise the energy used in ours vehicles, buildings and processes, to reduce our usage of natural resources.

    • Be continually aware of developments in renewable energy solutions.

    • Reduce solvent consumptions and the emissions of volatile organic compounds.

    • With the tarka trail being next door we encourage the use of alternative transport and car sharing.

    • Look towards reductions in air, noise, water and light pollution from our facilities and reduce any impacts on our local community.   

  • Monitoring our performance

    • We monitor our performance through communication from the factory floor and regular reviews by management.

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